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22nd Edition of the International Wine Competition | April 8 & 30, 2024 | Zábřeh Castle, Ostrava

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SlowFood Moravia commended

Slow Food® – international eco-gastronomic organisation, founded by Italian journalist Carlo Petrini in 1989, in protest against the world-wide expansion of fast food chains leading towards a unification of tastes, putting pressure on traditional small local grocers and centuries-long gastronomic  tradition.

The international movement now counts over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries. There are six active branches – convivia – in the Czech Republic: Prague, Moravia, Pálava, Tábor, Brno and the White Carpathians.

Slow Food® Moravia – founded in 2003 on the initiative of Helena Baker, Richard Stávek and Martin Křístek. A twelfth-night meeting of the Convivium in 2009 decided on the nomination of the following three items for the Ark of Taste project: plum povidl, the Neuburger grape variety and sorb apple. The Ark of Taste is continuously widening the list of local animal and plant species and typical regional specialities that are threatened with extinction and oblivion, e.g. the Slovak cheese Bryndza, Polish mead and Oscypek, Blenheim apricot, Norton (Vitis aestivalis), Wyandott chicken, American bison, New Orleans wine vinegar, all from the USA and many more typical regional products which receive no other protection whatsover.

SF-2015 Ota Ševčík, Bořetice – one of the founding members of the association Autentisté, whose wines respect terroir and tradition of Hanácké Slovácko region
SF-2014 Miura Hotel in Čeladná – restaurant led by Chef Michael Göth offers delicacies of Beskydy cuisine relying on using of ingredients from local farmers
 SF-2013 Neuburger – the mysterious grape of Moravian vineyards – wine show in Velké Hostěrádky, the aim of which is to support the unfairly neglected grape variety
 SF-2012 Blatnický Roháč – traditional brand wine from Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem, a cuvée of Riesling, Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc

Naučná vinice – teaching vineyard in Moravský sklípek, Šatov – the varieties are: Modrý Janek, Kamenorůžák, Hedvábné žluté and further archaic cultivars


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